Classic Cars require regular servicing and are subject to annual MOT test. With regular maintenance it is possible to make your Classic almost as reliable as most modern cars. Many of our customers use their Classics on a daily basis throughout the year and regular servicing makes this possible.

Vermont Classics offers a variety of service options ranging from an oil and filter change to a major service covering engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, lights and body components. General mechanical repair and tuning services are provided as required and MOT tests are carried out as necessary.

Many Classics can be made more user friendly by the fitment of more modern components or the refurbishment of existing parts. For example, carburettors usually benefit from an overhaul or at least balancing on multi carb engines; heads can be converted to run on modern unleaded fuels and contact breaker ignition systems can be replaced with optical or magnetic pick up systems. Sealed beam headlamp units can be replaced with halogen units to give better light output and dynamo's can be converted to alternators to give vastly higher current outputs.

All the above can improve the usability of a Classic. Of course, it is only an option as originality is often a priority and it is up to the owner of the vehicle to decide whats best for his/her Classic.

We also use and sell Lucas oil and polish.